Getting Less Done By Trying to Do Everything Yourself

Starting an online business is easy.

Running an online business
successfully is a whole other ballgame. One of the biggest mistakes online
business owners make is they try to do everything by themselves.
You believe you know what is needed to make money online, and you
start to perform tasks to get there. But then, other things come up that
get in the way. Bills arrive in the mail, so you pay them. Perhaps you get
a phone call from someone who is interested in what your business has to
offer. You spend an hour with this prospect. They decide to hire you.
They ask for contracts and other documentation. Before you know it, your
day is finished.

The next day, you are excited to get started on work for this new client
and decide that you also need more clients. You do some prospecting
online and send out some emails. You get a few nibbles from prospects
asking for more information. You have to do some research to answer
their questions. By the time you are done, your day is half over, and you
haven’t done anything for the new client.

As you can see, running an online business often entails much more than
you signed up for. You will continually find it difficult to manage actual
work with prospecting. Something has to give. Either, you spend the
majority of your time with prospecting, or you spend it working for your
clients. You need to offload whatever you decide not to do, to someone

Getting Less Done By Trying to Do Everything Yourself

To Hire or NOT Hire

If you have enough work to justify hiring someone, then by all means, go
ahead and do so. Of course, this means you may need to deal with payroll
and offering benefits, etc. An alternative would be to outsource, so you
don’t need to pay those benefits. Another great benefit to outsourcing is
when you find someone that doesn’t work out as intended, you can
choose someone else. The break is much cleaner than hiring an actual

Many people are reluctant to hire or outsource due to the costs.
However, you can look at these extra resources as helping your business
get to where you want it much sooner than doing it all on your own. They
offer leverage of doing the tasks that you don’t have the time for, and
they can do them at the same time you are doing your tasks. The biggest
drawback is now you have to manage other people.

Getting Less Done By Trying to Do Everything Yourself

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