Social Media Marketing Strategies for Popular Social Networks


Social Media has become an important part of marketing. It is a way to engage and interact. But each social media platform is unique in its own way and characteristics, and marketers must know that the requirements differ accordingly. Being Social on a platform isn’t about just posting some video or other content. The basic understanding of how the social media works are important to be successful in the marketing world.

A good marketing strategy is one that seamlessly integrates with the social media. Here are some points that the social media marketers must consider for social media marketing.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is always thought to be a customer-centric social platform. In today’s world, marketers focus on Facebook whether they use it for branding purpose or for direct marketing. Here are some points to consider while marketing on Facebook.

– There is always a debate going on between Engagement and Marketing. Whatever the choice might be, it needs to be remembered that engagement posts certainly get you the Likes and Comments that you wanted.

– Likes and Comments are surely a must in Facebook. One can be sure that their page is relevant when it gets more likes and comments. Facebook acts like a search engine and makes use of the data to decide the posts that are relevant.

– Facebook fans read the messages on their walls and not on the brand page. It is thus important to provide them with a link to your page.

– Facebook is in favor of keeping the fans within their walls. Though you might want them to view something outside Facebook during campaigns, it is always better to link to a Facebook page (branded).

– When you want to engage your fans on Facebook, it is better to keep the message short. It engages the fans better.

– Another important aspect is the timing. At what time are your audience active? Try to test the different times and find out the best time when it is viewed by the majority.

  1. Twitter

Twitter acts as a platform for many kinds of services like the customer service, marketing, branding and several other combinations. Here are some pointers on using Twitter effectively.

  • With Twitter, it is very important to have a strategy in hand. If you are going to rely on Twitter for a variety of services, then it is a good idea to have multiple Twitter accounts for each of the services.
  • Twitter is a place where people respond to the posts and contribute to a conversation. Make sure to engage them well.
  • While it is ok to not respond to a message on Facebook, it is entirely different in Twitter. This is because the messages are directed to the account holders. It is better to respond.
  • Again, keep the messages short.
  • Use Hashtags as they are great for organizing contents.
  1. Google+

Brands look for a way to Google+ because Google’s search results display what is being said in Google+.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important social network for a variety of things – recruitment, advertising, company pages, etc. Marketers must make use of this media in an effective way to attract prospective clients, employees, and customers.

  • When creating company pages, make sure to use keywords so that the page appears in the listings. Also, include the links in the main site.
  • In the case of creating groups, make sure that the group members make good use of it.
  1. Instagram

Instagram is an effective tool when it comes to marketing. With the power of Hashtags and many such features, Instagram has become a powerful means for engaging customers.

  • Hashtags are the key to open the path for prospective customers. Photos and videos can be categorized using hashtags and drive the traffic.
  • Influencer marketing is very effective when it comes to Instagram. It helps in the growth of Instagram Following.
  • Using the Instagram’s “Follow all Contact” feature, it is possible to integrate contacts from other channels.
  • When email marketing is combined with Instagram, then it is very effective in marketing.


The content for a Marketing Campaign can be controlled in a number of ways based on the social media we select. But for any campaign, we need to keep things consistent and decide on the ways the message is published on each platform.

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